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Name: Mai
Contact Info: EnchantingElle(Plurk)
Other Characters Played: Nope
Preferred Apartment: None

Character Name: Terra Bradford
Canon: Final Fantasy VI/Dissidia
Canon Point: During the events of Dissidia, before meeting Vaan.
Background/History: Dissidia canon and FF6 canon
Previous Game History: None
Personality: Terra is your typical atypical main female character. Typical because there's at least two in every party - atypical because she's not your standard damsel-in-distress. Granted, without her memories she has no confidence, making her trade between wanting to flee a situation and wanting to stand and fight. When in a confusing situation she tends to lean on someone with more experience, or someone she's more familiar with rather than 'lead' herself. In a situation she is familiar with, or when people are depending on her to protect them, she gives her all and beyond to do just that. Despite her background of being used and treated as little more than a weapon, Terra is full of compassion for others. She is well aware that she was made to harm hundreds and thousands of people against her will, so some might think her compassion is born out of guilt, but in truth, she simply has a kind heart. Of course she is still a little cautious around people, and tends to prefer the company of animals to the company of human beings. Perhaps this too is an echo of her time in the Empire, where she was treated more as a object than a person, and was kept in a prison cell her entire time there (when she wasn't being used as a weapon).

Most people can be labeled as a fighter or a protector - but Terra's soul is a dual nature, leaving her torn between two worlds, neither fitting in one or the other fully. She wants to protect those she cares about, but she also doesn't want to fight. It can make a person very confused, especially when they have no memories and thus, no base of experience to fall back on. Morally, in her own personal code and sense of 'right' and 'wrong', she dislikes the idea of taking someone's life. If pitted against someone who harmed her friends, or even killed them, she would still prefer not to kill them. There are few in the world that she would willingly cooperate to eliminate in that manner, and deal with the discomfort of having to take a life afterward.

Being half human and half esper, she often feels conflicted and confused in certain situations - particularly if those situations involve other espers, or the cultural equivalent. Faced with someone abusing or killing other espers, she would naturally be incensed and outraged, taking it a bit more personally than others might. No matter the cultural equivalent, an esper is still 'family'. She would at first try to reason with the culprit, but if they refuse to see reason, she would see no choice but to try and stop them herself.

Given her limited social interactions, with the exception of her travel companions, it should come as no surprise that Terra doesn't much care for being around strangers, or in being in a crowd. To the former, she is cautious, fearful and almost hesitant until she can get an idea of whether or not they're a good person or a bad person. To the latter, she prefers wide, open spaces - the crush of bodies in a thick crowd reminds her of less than pleasant times, and makes her nervous.

Speaking of nervous, there is another phobia of Terra that relates far more closely to her background than she would like. Clowns - or more accurately, people made up like clowns or dressed flashily like Kefka had. Terra has no fond memories of that man, so anything that reminds her of him - even him himself - fills her with dread and fear. Of course, there are situations where one cannot run away, and in these cases, Terra would do her best to push aside her terror and fight, preferring to run until the only option was to fight.

To those she calls friend, Terra is a warm-hearted, considerate girl - gentle and patient, though .. perhaps a bit strange at times, as she has trouble understanding the subtleties of human interaction. As the slave crown wiped out her understanding of emotions as well as her memories, she learns what each emotion is as she feels them. Anger to her, is an irrational feeling, something she doesn't particularly understand or like.

She is patient with children and animals, which made her a good candidate for someone to look after the children of Mobliz later on in the game, during the World of Ruin. As her travels continue, particularly after she gets her memories back, she gets a better grip on emotions - although love still eludes her. She becomes more personable, and finds it easier to cope with the new emotions she discovers along the way, in addition to the shiny new spine she develops.

Strengths: Terra was raised to be a weapon for the Empire, from childhood. Not even from childhood, but from infancy - she never had a proper childhood, growing up on the compound in Vector. She was trained in the use of maces, daggers and swords. She was also given training in the use of her magic, though this training was under General Kefka himself. It is safe to say she is a very competent fighter, given that it is said she killed a large number of soldiers in just a few minutes.

This aside, her far greater strength is that of her compassion and loyalty. Though she knows little of herself, background and otherwise, to those who have helped her, she owes her loyalty. Locke and Edgar were the first to help her, after Arvis, and she cared very deeply for them. Though she doesn't like to fight, if it is to protect her friends or to protect those who couldn't protect themselves, she would take up a weapon again without a moment's hesitation.

No matter how many people she may have hurt or killed under the influence of the slave crown, once freed she has shown to have nothing but the biggest and warmest heart. She never wanted to hurt anyone, and felt guilty over the things she'd done - even though it wasn't under her free will. She is the kindest towards animals and children, and she tries to help those who seem troubled, even if she doesn't truly understand what they're going through. The effort is still made - if a friend is feeling down as well, she makes the effort to cheer them, in her own small way.

Weaknesses: Because of her amnesia, Terra is terrified of her very nature. She can't control her esper-side very well, and under severe amounts of terror and distress, that power tends to go wild. This is due to the fact that she doesn't understand what she is, fully, and she fears what she doesn't understand. In addition to this, she does very poorly in large crowds, especially when she is alone. Without that buffer of a friend to provide a sense of safety, she grows extremely nervous and frightened, unsure of herself.

She is naive, in spite of everything, and can be easily tricked into a bad situation - depending on the nature of the situation though, she might speak with a friend first, or at the very least warn them of what she planned to do. Just as her compassion was her greatest strength it was also her greatest weakness - if her friends were involved or threatened, she would be quick to acquiese to whatever demand or request was made of her, as long as their safety was assured.

She is mostly unsure of herself throughout her canon, in fact, until she recovers her memories - having nothing to base any experiences on, or even to draw from to make a decision, she constantly second guesses herself and tends to defer to someone who is more knowledgeable in a situation. Lastly, she is coulrophobic - that is to say, she has a fear of clowns. Don't laugh, Kefka is the closest thing to what a clown may look like in the normal world, so encountering someone that resembles him even a little - let alone the man himself - would leave her in a near paralytic fear that would only make her want to flee.


Abilities: As an esper, and having been trained as a biological weapon, Terra can be quite strong both physically and magically. Her mind may not recall the training, but her body does, so much of the fighting is done on automatic. Her preferred weapon is a sword, but she can also use maces (like flails and morning stars) and daggers. As for armor, Terra has and needs very little; her clothing consists of what looks like the outfit a harem girl might wear, being a minidress and leggings, (or variations thereof) with only armor on her shoulders.

Limit Break (Riot Blade): Terra performs this move by swinging her sword in an swiping (arc like) up-down pattern once. This results in sending five glowing green crescent-shaped blades towards her enemy. The damage that each of the energy-like crescent blades causes is variable, pending consent of the opponent or the situation, and there is no guarantee that all five will even hit.

In addition to her physical abilities, she has a number of magical spells at her disposal. The majority of her spells are offensive such as Fira, or healing such as Cura, but she also possesses less powerful spells that aren't particularly for battle, or exactly support. Miscellaneous, grey spells such as the sorts to remove poison (Antidote) or teleport (Warp) from place to place. The Warp spell is limited to if she's been to these locations before of course.

Esper: Terra, being who and what she is, as the offspring of an Esper and a Human, has the additional ability of transforming into her Esper form - a female, humanoid beast covered in flames and pink fuzziness. Being half esper, she can - with permission - sense the presence of other espers. She also tends to be more feral when in her esper form, and has the ability to connect with other espers or their cultural equivalent (given permission of course.) In this form she has the ability to fly, and is hardier and stronger than her human form. In addition to this, her reflexes and speed increase, as well as her senses - sight, smell, hearing; all that good stuff.
Given her otherworldy nature, Terra in both forms, is capable of seeing some things that normal humans can't, such as spirits - and can feel the presence of monsters and allies alike, being more in tune with the world around her. Unfortunately it also sort of makes her more susceptible to the things that will effect animals, such as high pitched sounds and smells. In further detail to what is mentioned earlier, Terra is capable to synchronize with, or feel the mind of other espers (or the cultural equivalent given permission) and can speak with them ( again with player consent - be they physically there, in spirit or in memory depending on culture) for as long as they allow.
Lastly is more of a downside to being an esper like Terra; the Power Flare. This is basically what happens when Terra loses control of her powers, usually as a direct result of emotional distress. Best description of it would be akin to a power/force blast that damages the surrounding area, or a force wave that would effectively shove anyone around her -away-. (Further in theory, those capable of junctioning with espers/eidolons/GFs have the ability to do the same with Terra, if they become aware of her nature, and provided permission is given by mods and it's worked out ahead of time. )

Strengths: Though for the most part Terra resembles a normal - if strange - human girl, her Esper heritage grants her a greater amount of strength both physically and magically. This isn't to say that she is so strong she can bench press a car or nuke the world - it just gives her that extra -oomph- or edge she might need against an opponent that would be stronger for a normal human.
Weaknesses: Espers were creatures of magic, and as such Terra's own magic feeds off of her energy - or more to the point, each time she casts a spell she gets a little more tired. Depending on which spell she's casting, and if she's doing anything else at the time, depends on exactly how tired she gets. Wielding her magic is relatively equal to how she wields her sword - if she's doing both at the same time, she runs out of reserves for her magic much more quickly, whereas she can still fight physically as long as she's still conscious. Once her energy reserves for her magic is depleted, she can't cast anything again until she rests, or at least drinks an ether.

Items/Weapons: Maduin's Pendant, Her Sword, and an inactive Slave Crown(which will probably never come into play but you never know!)

Sample Entry:Link! and Link!

Sample Entry Two:

RP Sample: It wasn't often that Terra took her hair out of its ponytail, but sometimes, even her hair got tangled. Thick with enough of a wave to give it a slightly curly appearance, her green hair reached the middle of her back when left down. She rested the Ribbon on the ground beside her, her thoughts elsewhere as she ran a comb through her hair.

When the bluebird alighted on a stump a short distance away, she found it endearing. She'd always felt closer to animals and monsters than she did normal people for some reason. "Hello there." She greeted the bird, continuing to brush her hair, though more slowly so as not to startle it to flying away.

The bird cocked its head at her and chirped, hopping to the ground with a flutter of wings. She blinked in surprise, lowering her hands to her knees, watching in fascination as the bird made tentative little hops towards her. "My you're a bold one, aren't you?" The bird ignored her, pecking at the ground, but hopping ever closer. After a few more half-hearted pecks, the bird fluttered up to perch on the back of her hand, tilting its head with another chirp.

Terra giggled, "Do you want to be friends?" The bird fluttered to the ground next to her, and hopped over to the ribbon, pecking it curiously. "Hey, that's not -" Terra's warning came too short as the bird took the ribbon in its beak and fluttered away. She stared after it, stunned, and promptly jumped up to see where it had gone.

Thankfully, it didn't go far - it had been building a nest in the branches above her. With an annoyed frown, Terra unhooked her sword and set about climbing up into the branches. Yet when she reached the nest, startling the mama bird that proceeded to chirp angrily at her, wings flapping in her face, Terra paused. One hand fended off the bird with some difficulty, until she was forced to jump down again. The ribbon had been thoroughly woven into the nest at that point - really, it wasn't so great a sacrifice that she couldn't go into town and get another.

She sighed, shaking her head. She had really liked that ribbon.

Alternate RP Sample: (Providing two if that's ok to show both her cheery side and her uncertain side because I love these. :D)

Joy. Fear. Excitement. Anger. Love.

They were all things that Terra didn't truly know, or understand - the last one most of all. She didn't understand why people risked so much because they 'loved' others. How could she? She didn't know what those emotions even were. Ever since she was released from the Slave Crown's hold on her, everything had been ripped away with its influence.

No, that wasn't quite right. Her memories were ripped away from the moment that crown had been placed on her head. From the very beginning she didn't know what freedom was, what happiness felt like. Had she? The only thing she was familiar with, even now, was the nervous anxiety that surrounded her entire being.

More than that, there was a power within her - a power she didn't understand, a great power that frightened her, because she often had dreams where someone appeared to be trying to talk to her. Dreams of fire, and an untamed ferocity not unlike a wild beast - men screaming as they fell by a blade - her own hands covered in blood, and the haunting cackle of a man...

But for all of that, when it came down to it, she didn't know who she was. She didn't know WHERE she was. She didn't know... anything. She might have been able to cope better with those horrible dreams, and ... and she wasn't sure what those images were - memories or nightmares - if she only knew who she was. But here, she saw no familiar faces... although in a way that was a relief, for if it had been HIS face. The face of that painted man who haunted her dreams, who had come to Figaro Castle to reclaim her - whose shrill, malicious laughter made her curl into the fetal position with her hands over her head, shaking --

Fear! That was how she felt when she thought of him. She felt afraid. But she didn't like feeling such fear. She wanted to experience the emotions that her friends told her about. She longed to smile with happiness, to cry out in joy, to laugh excitedly - but how? Surely there was some way to discover these emotions, as surely as it would be to find out who - what - she was. Even if it was alone.
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