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2013-08-30 08:21 am


Permissions to -

... Touch Terra? (Touching being Hugs, pokes, pats, grabbing hands, etc) She is very unfamiliar with the touching so she'll be extremely awkward (unless it's a friend) - but go ahead!
... Be Intimate with Terra? (Intimate being Kisses/gropes/and everything else) Ohoho - T.. terra is even more clueless about that sort of affection, so she's definitely not going to appreciate it - so yeah, you can try but she'll probably flee in terror.
... Kill/Maim/Hurt Terra in any way? Yes to everything BUT Death. No death for Terra. :D
... Kidnap/Torture Terra? My muse is glaring at me but yes. Let me know what the plan is though, so I can react appropriately! I am game for just about any kind of kidnapping/torture plot. :D
... Backtag with Terra? Ahaha - provided it does not get confusing timewise i.e. too much time has passed? Or if there's already an arrangement made where we're both kosher on backtagging a long time back... yeah. I try not to let too much time pass though
... Threadjump with Terra? As long as it isn't a private thread, rock on!
... Sense Terra's nature? Surely can, if your character has the ability. You can confront her about it, not confront her about it or if you just wanna be all creeper about it, that's fine too XD
... Fourth Walling? I am very uncomfortable with that so, no.
... Plotting? Plots are a delicious and nutritious part of a of an esper's balance breakfast so yah! Hit me up anytime either over PM or at my AIM BlueAquaPride or my Plurk: EnchantingElle
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2013-07-22 10:47 pm

Haven - AC Tracker (DRopped)

AC = One post or log AND a thread of five comments or more. OR Three threads totalling thirty comments or more.
Thread 1 : Kaoru Hitachiin (Player Dropped)
Thread 2 : Vash (Player Dropped)
Thread 3: Pitch Black (Plot!)

Thread 1 : Giorno Giovanna, Superboy, Gannicus
Thread 2 : Badou
Thread 3 : Izumo
Thread 4: Hazama
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2011-08-30 08:00 am


Hi and welcome to the HMD - ahem. I've played Terra in several other places - Witches Reign, Star Kingdom and Somarium, and VERY briefly at Splendorocity (I think that's what it was called) so I'm not unfamiliar with the character. All the same, I welcome any constructive criticism - everyone can always improve, after all!

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